If you have any questions for us please view our FAQ. If your questions still remain unanswered please contact us.

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We also have detailed size charts for all our different gi on the web site.  Please check the various measurements (in cm) carefully, to make sure that you purchase the correct size gi.  Please remember that all our gi (esp. the 100% cotton ones) will show some shrinkage, especially when washed at higher temperatures.  If you wish to minimise shrinkage, wash your gi at cold temperatures for the first few washes.

We aim to process orders from stock within 5 working days of receiving the order.  Embroidered/badged/personalised garments and special orders will usually take up to 14 days.  Yudansha Personalised Embroidered Black Belts have a production time of about 5 weeks.

Usually we try to put the dan bars on the same belt end as a personal name and the Kamae label on the same belt end as the style/association/club name, but our art team will decide this on a case-by-case basis based on the overall layout of the belt.  If you have specific requests, please make that clear in the text box of your order, or send us an accompanying email.

Yes, we may be able to customise your belt size; please contact us to enquire.  The additional tailoring fee is £10.

Yes, we may be able to embroider extra dan bars on a belt that you previously purchased from Kamae.  Please get in touch to enquire.  The cost for additional dan bar embroidery is currently £39.95, which includes the opening of your belt, the embroidery of one additional dan bar, the sewing-up of the belt and the postage of the belt back to you.