Train with the Champions

These Shotokan Karate volumes were produced in 1985 and although there have been some small changes in the kata since then, they continue to be a valuable learning aid for many students in their progress from beginner to Black Belt and beyond. They also contain historic footage of KUGB Senior Senseis training with Sensei Enoeda.
Volume One
Made in 1985 with Senseis Sherry, O’Neill, Poynton, Rhodes, Higgins and Brennan. Volume 1 contains all the Heian Kata, Tekki Kata plus Bassai Dai, Jion, Enpi, Kanku Dai and Hangetsu. in addition, they demonstrate Gohon Kumite, Kihon Ippon Kumite, Jiu Ippon Kumite, Kaishi Ippon Kumite and Jiu Kumite.
Volume Two
Volume 2 contains all other Shotokan Katas and the instructors explain some of their favourite competition techniques and tactics.

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